IVR for Business

Interactive Voice Response, commonly known as IVR is easily found in most of the businesses, both large scale and small scale. Since the time IVR systems were introduced, companies have found various ways to use this service in different forms. From feedback tracking to call center solutions, IVR systems can be customized in every way. IVR for business is very important. IVR service is mainly used to have interactions between customers or clients and the sellers of goods and/or services. Both internal and external customers can easily interact with the business with the help of IVR. IVR systems do not require a lot of work. It can be easily set up and that is why no business company hesitates to go for it. All that the company has to do is contact an IVR service provider and take the service that fits with your requirements. No doubt that precaution have to be taken before signing a deal with the IVR service provider and technology base has to be decided, but once the initial homework is done properly, you would not have to worry about your IVR system again.

There are distinct uses of IVR. More than half of the calls to the customer care are taken and handled by IVR systems. Only extreme cases require calls to be transferred for human interactions. This means that you save a lot of money and time. Many times a call sent to the clients to take reviews or to collect different data. So, by just sitting at one place without investing in human resource, you are able to collect data by just asking the customers to click buttons on their phones. Also, IVR system is a great method of advertisements. A pre-recorded voice call is received by the customer that advertises about their latest and popular products.

IVR development requires expertise of technicians and an IVR platform. Sometimes companies buy IVR system software and pay for the services they want. Also, interactive voice response software systems can be customized as per your company demands. New technologies have come up for the same. The most common IVR option these days is IVR hosting. Hosted call center solutions provider have become very popular. The cloud based call center solutions are based on the cloud technology which provides a great platform for software and database collection. With the help of IVR call center, you get the right data of the number of calls and many times the number and time tracking solutions are also offered. Homecare scheduling, homecare telephony and homecare time and attendance systems have also become popular lately.

When you browse for IVR service providers, you will be amazed to find the number of options that pop up. The cloud hosting technologies have made it possible for the IVR customers to have a worry-free service. However, it is possible only if you are dealing with a reputed and professional IVR service providing company. Check the website and reviews of the firm before hiring its product and services.

How Can a Mobile Event App Help Organizers and Attendees?

Top event managers across the world always aim for maximum return on investment by adding more value to attendee experience. This can be done best by connecting to your audience in an effective way before, during and after the event. Also, you need to make the event lively and keep the attendees engaged. What’s the best way to get the job done? Well, consider using a mobile event app. It’s a one-stop solution to all your event related issues and offers a host of features required to make an event successful and exciting.

Mobile event apps can be a convenient tool for event managers for the following reasons:

Cost reduction and lower resource consumption

Using a mobile event app would substantially bring down the cost of hosting an event. It will result in reduced printing costs and consume less resource as well. These apps would substantially lower the effort required from your end. For instance, you would not need to spend much time on official arrangement formalities or paper works. Also, using a mobile conference app is a more environment friendly approach.

Measurable results for better analysis

Mobile a mobile app for events would empower you with real-time feedback of attendees for fast and accurate analysis. You would get tangible data for better understanding of attendee behaviour. It is easily possible to find out key information on user attendance, time spent on the conference, user response (positive or negative), and user feedback (on specific questions, topics and speakers). This valuable data would help you analyze level of user interest and the success of the event.

Diversified marketing options

A mobile event application will provide you a lot of options for promoting your event. For instance, you can integrate your event with social media by introducing sharing and invitation options to connect with more people. You can also introduce other catchy features that might get the attendees interested. How about offering an option to the attendees to click live photos from conference to share them on their social networks?

From the perspective of the attendees, a mobile event application can be a great option for the following reasons:

  • With these apps, people can take part in the conference even while travelling. This is a very convenient option for busy executives who work on tight schedules. So by using a mobile event application, people get to attend a conference they might have otherwise skipped and an event organizer gets an attendee he might have lost.
  • Hosting events on mobile is the current trend and participants are comfortable with it. Also, it makes things easier for the attendees because they can attend the event via the device they are using.
  • With attendee and speaker bios available, it is easier to connect with people through mobile event applications. You get to know who the participants are and in many cases, have the option to message them as well.

A mobile event application can be a smart choice for an event manager. These apps not only save you a lot of trouble, but also make the event a great experience for the attendees.

Different graphic designers

There are some photography tips of different graphic designers, who have done a lot of legendary work by which one can learn a lot. The best websites in the world contain a full package of audio clips, video clips, text, graphic art and other navigations for making the website user-friendly. Specially, in launching a new brand or while you are competing with other good brands, you have to customize a good website for attracting more people towards the product or services. In graphic design , one does not have to worry about the presentation of his brand on the internet and other sources as well.