How Can a Mobile Event App Help Organizers and Attendees?

Top event managers across the world always aim for maximum return on investment by adding more value to attendee experience. This can be done best by connecting to your audience in an effective way before, during and after the event. Also, you need to make the event lively and keep the attendees engaged. What’s the best way to get the job done? Well, consider using a mobile event app. It’s a one-stop solution to all your event related issues and offers a host of features required to make an event successful and exciting.

Mobile event apps can be a convenient tool for event managers for the following reasons:

Cost reduction and lower resource consumption

Using a mobile event app would substantially bring down the cost of hosting an event. It will result in reduced printing costs and consume less resource as well. These apps would substantially lower the effort required from your end. For instance, you would not need to spend much time on official arrangement formalities or paper works. Also, using a mobile conference app is a more environment friendly approach.

Measurable results for better analysis

Mobile a mobile app for events would empower you with real-time feedback of attendees for fast and accurate analysis. You would get tangible data for better understanding of attendee behaviour. It is easily possible to find out key information on user attendance, time spent on the conference, user response (positive or negative), and user feedback (on specific questions, topics and speakers). This valuable data would help you analyze level of user interest and the success of the event.

Diversified marketing options

A mobile event application will provide you a lot of options for promoting your event. For instance, you can integrate your event with social media by introducing sharing and invitation options to connect with more people. You can also introduce other catchy features that might get the attendees interested. How about offering an option to the attendees to click live photos from conference to share them on their social networks?

From the perspective of the attendees, a mobile event application can be a great option for the following reasons:

  • With these apps, people can take part in the conference even while travelling. This is a very convenient option for busy executives who work on tight schedules. So by using a mobile event application, people get to attend a conference they might have otherwise skipped and an event organizer gets an attendee he might have lost.
  • Hosting events on mobile is the current trend and participants are comfortable with it. Also, it makes things easier for the attendees because they can attend the event via the device they are using.
  • With attendee and speaker bios available, it is easier to connect with people through mobile event applications. You get to know who the participants are and in many cases, have the option to message them as well.

A mobile event application can be a smart choice for an event manager. These apps not only save you a lot of trouble, but also make the event a great experience for the attendees.

Samsung Apple Ideology Magnetize the World by IGalaxy Smartphone

Samsung and Apple has been magnetized the world by means of its dandy signature called iGalaxy Smartphone or Samsung Galaxy S5 in a remarkable joint venture. Here’s the company aesthetically stated a new language of wireless communication in blinks of eyes. In this article, let’s find out some of the well organized features in synchronized manner as given below:

iGalaxy operating system:

The operating system has been stuffed by the fascinating area to ponder upon. It is an imperative issue as Apple fan would not need to lose access to itunes, Pages or Numbersm, however the Android OS claim is enormous and would attract a gigantic measure of piece of the pie.

ichip Secure:

It additionally resembles the finger impression scanner gimmick majorly. It has been incorporated by the new software named ichip Secure and this is accepted to be a vicinity sensor that enacts the telephone when it comes quite close to its holder. There is, on the other hand, be option security modes accessible for the individuals who don’t like needles and the microchip will be supplied in a little transparent plate that might be connected to a key ring or kept in a handbag or pocket.


This element brings real sound use to the flexible Smartphone phone idea which is viably seen in the Samsung Galaxy S5.

It has not been spilled which these four capacities are Googleso we need to figure. It may be the case that one corner will be turned to come back to the home screen as this is absolutely the operation we do most.


Coloru is a breakout technology that gives you a chance to pick the shade of the phone’s casing.

Another microfilm gel sets simply beneath the glass completion of the Smartphones casing and little electrical driving forces change the color of the gel.

There ought to be a temperament mode where shades cycle, yet the genuine achievement in this tech is that it just takes one electrical beat to change the shade which stays until an alternate color changing beat is accepted, implying that this quality is exceptionally green at par.

igalaxy judgment:

It would seem that this truly will be the exact best cell phone ever have been designed so far. ichip Secure, Twistit and Coloru are the master key stroke for this stupendous handset really spilled over globally with compliance of best cum operating system eventuality.

How to Use of Text Message Marketing to Promote Your Company?

Are you looking for a very easy way of promoting your organization and getting your products out there to the public? Are you worried about the costs that are involved in such a venture? If these are your main concerns, you should take a look at some of the latest developments in the field of advertising. The types of campaigns that are being followed at present include the likes of SMS Mobile Marketing. This method has proven to a very successful one that offers great value for money when compared to the returns that are obtained. It is also an extremely fast method that is highly reliable as well.

Offers and deals

One of the best ways to get the public interested in your goods and services is to hold the occasional sale in which you give them good discounts. Such kinds of offers will keep them interested and will also ensure that the name of your company stays in the memory for at least a while. SMS Mobile Marketing can be used to reach your existing customers no matter where they are. It is a process that has the potential to go viral in a matter of minutes because the news spreads by word of mouth from one person to another.

Easy to use

The functions that you can take control of when you use an Online SMS service are simply amazing. You can have control over a personal address book that only you have access to. The level of security in this is also quite high. Instead of sending messages one by one to all of them, you can simply schedule the application to send out the intended information to all those who are on the list on your spreadsheet. You can also sort out the names in the order of your preference.

Secure storage options

One of the most interesting features that is being provided by the agencies that offer Online SMS facilities is the fact that you can store the messages you have received for viewing at a later date. You can program the application in such a way so that the recipients of the data that you have sent out can reply to you. You will get these in the form of emails and they are kept aside in the servers so that you can go through at your leisure when you have the time.